An explanation of the benefit of Custom Enhancements that have been added to Rolex Watches.

Rolex USA considers all diamond dials, bezels, and the like, not manufactured by them, to be non-genuine. The installation of these custom enhancements may cause the 2 year Rolex new watch warranty to be voided. While that statement may make you believe that  100% Original Rolex accessories and enhancements are the only alternative, the experts at Auctionbarn Estates and many other companies do not necessarily agree.

Generally, all new watches, with the exception of Rolex, carry the standard manufacturer’s guarantee. Even though the Rolex two year warranty may be voided, all Rolex watch purchases from our auctions are fully protected by the three year warranty that guarantees service on any defect not caused by misuse, and Auctionbarn will pay for Insured FEDEX shipping to and from our Los Angeles facility.

All of the gemstone accessories that have been added to the Rolex watches that we offer are gemologically comparable to their factory editions. You will appreciate the European quality gemstone dials, bezels, & bracelets at less than 25%-50% of the cost for virtually the same items if purchased from Rolex. Gemstone for gemstone, the USA master jewelers & goldsmiths faithfully produce the most popular enhancements and accessories offered by Rolex, the only difference is that much lower price!

Just sales hype? No, the comparison is proven by independent laboratory GIA trained gemological certification. 

In recent years, an abundance of cheap knock-off accessories has become a cause of concern to both consumers and manufacturers. In many cases, the poor quality has actually affected the performance of  timepieces. It’s not surprising that Rolex considers all diamond dials, and bezels that weren’t manufactured by Rolex, to effectively reduce the value of the watch. Inc is not an official Rolex jeweler, and therefore we are fortunately able to offer buyers many different kinds of Rolex watches, some enhanced with custom work and some that are all 100% original.  For instance, Rolex does not offer any diamond bezels on their stainless steel models, but many of the stainless steel bracelet watches we offer in our auctions include white gold diamond bezels to enhance your stainless steel Rolex. technicians also offer our Auction buyers a unique and exclusive service,  we will rebuild, repair, service or replace any watch that our clients own, at a fraction of the cost that Rolex would charge. This benefit is only available to our clients that have won watches in our auctions.