Auctionbarn Estates has sold millions of dollars in collectibles, art and furnishings online on many different venues.
Auctionbarn now consults with businesses and collectors and helps them to sell online
1) Auctionbarn online trading assistant staff members write expert copy and take detailed digital photos of your items, then compose a unique auction and posts it online where millions shop every day.
2) Our online trading assistant staff members answer emailed questions about your item, as well as phone calls. No one will bother you at your business or call you or email you, like they would if you were selling the item yourself.
3) We expertly pack and ship anywhere in the world! A large percentage of International Buyers shop online as well. The buyer pay pays all shipping and packing charges!
4) If you have a large estate or collection we can set up an auction with only your items, tailoring it to your special situation